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Furniture Repair Sacramento,  Folsom Furniture Renovation, Elk Grove Furniture Stripping, Roseville Furniture Reweaving,   Granite Bay Furniture Refinishing,  Carmichael Antique Restoration
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For Furniture Service Providers

And You Others Who Are Looking At This Page!

If what you see on this website does a good job representing what your company does, or what a company you do business with does, consider taking advantage of the success of this website by getting your business listed on the contact/find page. If you know of a business you think should be listed, either contact them and suggest they get listed, or contact us at info and tell us about them.


In addition to being listed on the website "contact and find" page, each business has its own customized and integrated section within the website. The rates for those pages are very reasonable compared with the cost of virtually every form of advertising other than free referrals!


We want to maintain the integrity of the site by ensuring that each of the companies listed offer the quality of work portrayed herein so there are some qualifications which will need to be met. For details as to the number of visits we already receive from customers near your location and for other information about how to be listed, please contact us at: We look forward to partnering with you!

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