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Detail Of Table Pedestal

Gallery Of Stripped Items

We would like to illustrate for you a small sample of the large number and variety of items we have stripped.

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Storage cabinets used by a local school district before and after stripping. They are made of solid maple. Click this link to see how they looked after finishing.


We don't have a before picture but what is important is how clean the wood is after stripping. This is ready for sanding and staining. FYI: this is a fairly recently made desk built in Asia.


This set of teak patio furniture had little if any finish on it when it came in. It was mainly weathered. The cleaning washes that are included in the stripping process were all that was needed to create this dramatic improvement in appearance.


None of the beautiful floral and ribbon inlay was lost in the stripping of this piece and none even loosened requiring re-gluing. The bright dots of mother of pearl are also all in place after stripping.


Another patio set, this time rattan. Again, mainly weathered, though there was a thin clear coat of finish on this furniture. It was stripped and cleaned and is ready for renewed life!


Another stripped patio piece, a table with both a center hole for an umbrella, and folding leaves to make the table round.


We strip rifle stocks periodically. This is one example. Most of the time the wood is walnut, this time oak.


This is a set of Asian nesting tables with mother of pearl inlay. No issues with the mother of pearl lifting or falling out during stripping. The wood is clean too!


Now that you have seen what we have done for others, what can we do for you? CONTACTING AND FINDING US


This chair had been painted and was stripped elsewhere. The customer knew it could be done better so brought it to us. You be the judge, how did we do at getting this chair clean?


This beautiful oak dining set is from the 1920s. It came in with a dark finish that showed the markings you would expect from most of a century's use. Off with the old ready for the new.


It is interesting to discover what is hidden under paint. Will it be a burn mark or some other type of damage, or might it be a beautiful wood grain, like this quarter sawn oak?


We wish we knew what type of wood this table top was made out of. the top is sixty inches round and as you can see from the annular rings, this solid section is not cut from the center of the tree but toward the outside. The tree must have been enormous.The color pattern is unusual as well. We guess it is some type of tropical wood. That is as far as we could go.


We end our gallery with two stripping horror stories that exhibit the limitations of stripping.

To the left you see two cabinet doors. The one on the left still has a glass center. The one on the right had the glass replaced with plexiglass. You can see what will happen to plexiglass when attacked by stripper. It will need to be replaced with glass once again.

To the right is the top roll of a sleigh bed. The bed was not inexpensive when purchased. However, what was discovered in stripping was that the top roll was made out of particle board covered by a cheap paper backed veneer. The glue holding the paper to the particle board must also have been cheap. The particle board swelled, the glue failed, the paper-backed veneer came unglued and buckled and rippled.


Now that you have seen what we have done for others, what can we do for you? CONTACTING AND FINDING US

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