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What Is Furniture Paint And Finish Removal?

Furniture stripping is the work of removing an existing finish so as to leave the wood clean for the application of a new protective coating. Virtually all items of wooden furniture and household woodwork can have their finish removed. Even painted items can be successfully stripped. However, certain modern finishes, such as polyester or catalyzed finishes, are difficult to remove at best and sometimes resist all efforts to remove them.

We assist many customers who would like to refinish an item on their own, but who want the stripping part done by someone else. For do-it-yourselfers, this allows them to move forward on their project with enthusiasm and creativity.

Our ability to thoroughly clean furniture items before finishing them enables us to offer our customers the widest range of options for the items we refinish. Several times we have had customers bring items to us for re-stripping and refinishing which had been stripped and finished elsewhere but did not turn out satisfactorily because the stripping did not clean the wood well enough. Why risk that outcome? Bring it to us first!

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