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Detail Of Table Pedestal

What Is Furniture Repair?

Furniture repair is the work of taking a furniture part that has sustained some relatively minor damage and bringing it back to a condition where there is no longer any significant diminishment of either utility or beauty.

Examples of repairs to a finish would include the removal of a watermark, filling or re-coloring a scratch or dent, or touching up a worn corner. The catalog of possible structural or mechanical repairs is virtually limitless. Common repairs include re-gluing chairs, rebuilding drawer runners or tracks, gluing loose veneer, rebuilding broken parts, replacing worn rubber webbing, rebuilding loose or broken bed rails, straightening warped or bowed wood, re-gluing the wood frames of upholstered items, rebuilding loose table extension slides, and much more.

Of the many services we offer, repairs are typically the most difficult to estimate without actually having the item in front of us. If you have a repair you would like information about before bringing it in to our shop, we suggest e-mailing photographs for us to look at while we talk together about the repair needs over the phone.

Use the navigation bar above to explore the many types of repairs which can be done.

Detail Of Chair Post Before Repair
Detail Of Chair Post After Repair
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