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Detail Of Table Pedestal

Repairs To Miscellaneous Items

Every once in a while, we take in a job that is out of our main line of work. In other words, something that is not made of wood or is not an item of furniture. We intend to keep our focus on our core work, but sometimes a customer will bring something in that we know we can take care of even though it isn't part of that core work. We would rather refer customers to specialists, but occasionally we are the closest ones to specialists that we can refer to! Following are some examples of the "out of the ordinary" work we occasionally do.

Antler Candle Holder Before Repair
Antler Candle Holder After Repair

Pretty simple job, really. Just reattach the candle holders to the antler. Except this is metal and we work with wood. We do occasionally have to glue metal and wood parts together and know that we have an adhesive which is effective at bonding those two materials and that would surely bond metal to metal. Yep, it did turn out to be a simple job!


This was a bit more difficult--perhaps more a job for a veterinarian. The entire leg seemed to have ossified before arriving at our door so it seemed possible to simply glue the two parts of this broken leg together. We thought the mending was rapid and successful. The leg once again fully supported the weight of this graceful beast. There was minimal scarring, and we believe that when this gazelle returns to the savannah, it will have little reason to worry that it will leap and bound along any less swiftly.

Detail Of Gazelle's Mended Leg

Marble After Being Re-glued

Yes, this is stone. We have successfully glued broken marble, granite and other stone surfaces together. We have seen jobs others have done gluing stone together and the repair is almost always very obvious. We have figured out a way to glue stone so that the glue in the inevitable voids looks like stone. Can you see the glue line? We doubt it. If you had been able to see it in person you might not see the glue line. We had to point it out to our customer--they couldn't even find it!

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