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Reweaving Seats And Backs Using Danish Cord

Danish cord is woven on an open frame but, as is illustrated in the photo two below and to the left, a danish frame typically has hooks or nails used to anchor the weave, or double side rails--which makes the work more laborious and more expensive. Danish cord frames are also often broad frames around which the weave is wrapped and creates its unique look. Danish cord comes either laced (roped) or unlaced (twisted). It is similar to fiber rush in that it is made from a heavy kraft paper, but it is twisted or roped more tightly, in a slender strand, and is waxed to give it a smooth look and feel. Patterns used on danish corded furniture are unique to the style, the most common of which is the over two under two basket weave pattern illustrated below.


To the right is the danish styling. Simple, smooth, clean, rounded lines form the frame constructed from teak. The basket weave on the seat is theoretically simple, but it looks somewhat elaborate in contrast to the lines of the chair frame.

The side to side orientation of the weave is surprising in that there is no slip as you glide back into a seated position. It is oriented that way entirely for the visual effect.

This is the seat frame showing the little hooks inserted around the perimeter. On most chairs at least several of these must be replaced before reweaving.

The first step is to orient the weave. The nails create the spacing. The front rail is completely wrapped in the first step.

After the back rail is wrapped, the side to side weaving begins. An effort must continuously be made to tighten the weave.


This is also a Danish style chair but the the styling is that of Hans Wegner. He used the wishbone back slat and the diagonal cross weave with the twisted danish cord material. This style was first manufactured in 1950 and was called the "Y Chair."

This customer asked for a clear wax finish for this chair as well as the reweaving of the seat.

Another Wegner "Y Chair" with the same rewoven seat but a very different vision for the finish of the wood. Original pieces were available both painted and natural. The two versions you see on this page are both true to the original design.

This folding chair also clearly has a basket weave pattern but uses a four by four woven pattern, four strands woven in each direction. We rewove the seat portion only. You can see why this was needed. You can also see that the color of the cording will change over time.

An arm and side chair in the typical danish cord two by two basket weave.


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