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Other Corded Materials And Patterns Woven Onto Open Frames

The corded materials seen on the other two pages in this section, cattail, seagrass, wheat wrapped, fiber rush and danish cord can all be woven in multiple patterns. In addition, the sizes of the cords can vary and the way the cords are formed can vary: twisted, roped and braided. Each of these possibilities can be used in various weaves creating a huge variety of options in what can be done with corded materials on open frame seats. As we have stated elsewhere, the general custom is to replace what comes off with the same thing, but the options presented on this page are also choices which can be made when it comes time to reweave.


Mexican Weave

One of our favorite woven patterns is this weave used on chairs made in Mexico designed for children. We illustrate two chairs here. The two chairs both have been woven with seagrass that comes pre-twisted. The sample just to the right is also seagrass but has been hand twisted as it has been woven. The green colored seats are freshly woven. The brown is the color that seagrass becomes over time. We did not weave the chair with the older seagrass, we did other repairs to that chair. We display it here mainly to illustrate the change that takes place in the color. Also, because we really like these chairs!



This is a roped seagrass woven in an open 3x3 basket weave pattern. The old seat to the left was coming undone, as can be seen. The old color is from age but also from the application of a finish coat to give it some sheen.

Roped seagrass can be woven in a single layer or double layer weave. In single layer, the weave is wrapped around the frame creating a clearly visible frame for the woven pattern inside, as can be seen to the left. In the double layer weave, the pattern extends to the side edges of the frame creating two complete woven surfaces with an air pocket in between, as can be seen to the right.

This is roped seagrass woven on a danish style chair in the typical 2x2 basket weave used on danish chairs.


What you see to the left is once again a roped seagrass, this time woven into an appropriately named "zig-zag" pattern.

This is called the "maze" pattern. This time the seagrass is in a braided form. This pattern can be done with roped or twisted seagrass or any of the other corded materials.


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