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Detail Of Table Pedestal
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Furniture Refinishing Gallery #2

The goal of this page and the others in this section is to offer a sense of the variety of the furniture refinishing projects that can be done and some of the options and outcomes which might not be expected. We very often have customers come in who are surprised by how much can be done beyond the most basic coloring and coating work. Indeed, sometimes the simple is the best, but often, part of the visual delight of furniture is the interaction of the design of the finish with the design of the physical form of the piece. On another page we have given a lot of information about options in finishing, on these pages we want to illustrate many of those options for you.

In our effort to provide information we include again some books which you might find helpful if you would like to extend your understanding and perhaps try your hand at some of this work. The four books we present on these pages are each written by well known finishers, active in the last several decades. Some of the information is dated, some describes methods we don't think are the best, but all have very useful information which you can benefit from, and indeed much more than is practical to offer on this website.

Now to the presentation of some of our furniture refinishing work. Enjoy the show!

Wood Stump Table Bases

This is one of the stumps after stripping.

Several of the stumps had dry rot on the bottom. The dry rot will worsen if not stabilized. We did that by soaking all the rotten wood with epoxy, which stabilized it and solidified it. Now it is a hard, durable water resistant surface. To the right the same stump right side up.


To the left you can see the entire set of bases we worked on, five pieces. They are photographed with a flash. To the right a couple of them are photographed outdoors in natural light.

Small Mahogany Pedestal Desk

The veneer patch we did on this desk was featured on our veneer repair page. We thought you might like to see the entire desk, and to see it after finishing. Here it is.


Spool Bed

Not only was the finish on this bed needing some attention, the joints were all loose. Our job was to make it solid once again and apply a new finish.


This is the bed in pieces. The blue dots are all blue tape, identifying the connecting joints so that all goes back together in the right places.


Now that you have seen what we have done for others, what can we do for you? CONTACTING AND FINDING US

Oak Dining Room Set

This table has unusually designed leg supports. We show stripped, stained and finished views of the set.


Faux Bamboo Coffee Table Set

This set had been well used. Many water glasses had rested on these tables, leaving their characteristic markings. Additionally, the sun had caused the finish color to fade significantly. It was up to us to bring it back to life, making it ready for the next generation of summertime water sippers. As it came in, stripped, finished.


Dresser In The 1960s Revealed To Be Beautiful Mahogany

Beautiful in one generation, ugly in the next! That was the story for this mahogany dresser. By the late 1960s this 25-30 old dresser no longer looked good in modern homes with their bold color schemes. To update their furniture many homemakers of that generation tried their hand at the antiquing fad of the time. Green was the most often used color, sometimes with gold highlights, sometimes just dirtied up. Now, however, that look which was so popular then, looks odd and out of place amongst our natural wood colored furnishings. Time to remove the paint and discover what is underneath. That is often a wonderful discovery, as it was in the case of this dresser.


Folding Chairs

Wooden folding chairs are no longer a common item. But this set is a reminder of how desirable they would be. Compact when folded to store easily, beautiful wood when in use. Below you see as they came in, stripped and then two photos fully refinished. The upholstered seats are removed.



Now that you have seen what we have done for others, what can we do for you? CONTACTING AND FINDING US

As it came in.

Glued, refinished, ready to be picked up.

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