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Refinishing Office Furniture

Offices and homes have this in common, both make extensive use of furniture. In an office setting furniture is used daily and will need periodic treatment to maintain a desirable appearance for the business. Much can be done to repair or improve the appearance by companies which do such work on site. There comes a point at which topical work is not enough however, and entire refinishing is required.

We want to show you some of what we have done to refinish furniture for various businesses. We do want to confess that we haven't done a good job photo documenting this work because we tend to focus on the more interesting and challenging items found in homes. We do have a few items to show, so let's get to it!


Small Conference Tables

When we think of conference tables we usually think of the enormous board room tables featured in so many movies. We do work on lots of those, but there are probably even more small conference tables used for work group meetings found in offices everywhere.

Here are two such tables we have worked on.

The table to the left is a cherry table that needed a fresh start. You should be able to see a few spots at the edge of the top in the photo above where the veneer had chipped off. We filled and touched up the chipped areas before finishing.

This is an oval table with a walnut veneer on top. Topmost photo is before stripping, then after stripping, and below is the refinished table.

On both this table and the cherry table you can see how light interacts with wood creating sections which appear light next to dark areas. Rotating the table will cause those sections to switch. Cool!

Large Conference Table

This is where our face turns red. We have refinished so many large conference tables we have lost count. When we went to look for photos to show you, we have one table to show. These tables tend to come in and go out quickly and we have simply failed to record their transformations. So we ask you, view the table here and let your imagination add many more.


This table came in with a golden oak colored finish. The customer wanted an updated look. First priority was to remove the old finish. Below you can see the table and base after the old finish was removed. The base was formed out of steel with an oak veneer glued to it. At the sharp edges the veneer had peeled and was chipping off. We needed to build up those corners with bondo and later we colored them to blend. The table top has a formica center, which was masked off. To the right, the base and edge of the top have been stained and are ready for sealing and top coating.

This is the table ready to go back to serve as the meeting place for exploring innovations, planning effective new strategies, and creating profitable ways to make better lives for many people.

When we refinish office furniture we use a very durable yet repairable water based finish which can be applied over any color of stain. It makes no sense to us to apply a finish that is harder than the wood underneath or that is so hard it cannot be repaired. The finish we use is very durable but is also repairable and it looks beautiful too.

Desks And Chairs

Business is done largely while sitting on a chair at a desk. The desks and chairs we picture below are those that caught our fancy more than an intentional representation of the contemporary commercial office furniture we have worked on.


Typewriter desks were heavily produced for decades in the mid twentieth century until typewriters were replaced with computers. Now that laptop computers are rivaling desktop computers in usefulness and sales, this style of desk is beginning to be sought after once again. The laptop can easily be stowed, the keyboard height is ideal, the multi-use aspect of these desks has a great modern appeal.

This particular desk has a stunning veneer face on its top surface. It is quarter sawn red oak with a heavy flake that is hard to find on new furniture. No compressed wood materials hiding underneath either. It is quality throughout.


Like the typewriter desk above, rolltop desks were made obsolete by computers. With the emerging preference for laptops in office settings, roll tops are once again becoming a sought after piece of office furniture. The many built in ways to organize various papers, notes, keys, and so on make these desks very useful. In addition, the ability to hide and secure all the moveable items on the desk top or in the cubbies is appreciated by many.

As we have confessed many times in this website, we are not photographers. We are nevertheless fascinated with photography in the sense one is fascinated with mysteries. How do photographers figure out what is necessary to make objects appear as close as possible to the way the eye views them? We are content to make sure the furniture brought to us looks good to your eyes when you pick them up. But in terms of photography, we were glad we wanted to give you four views of this desk, with and without the chair. That gave us the opportunity to include photos with a flash, above, and in more or less natural light, below. We liked the softer look of the second set of photos better, but the interior surfaces of the desk certainly show more clearly in the photos above. The true color as our eyes saw these pieces was somewhere in between what you see in these photos. You will have to use your imagination.


Now that you have seen what we have done for others, what can we do for you? CONTACTING AND FINDING US

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