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Rotary cut birch veneer with maple trim stained in a brown cherry color and finished with a satin sheen, high performance water based finish.

Kitchen And Built-In Cabinet Finishing

Kitchens, bathrooms and laundry areas all have two things in common, we use them a lot and the finishes on the wood cabinets in them will eventually need to be removed and a new finish applied. Built in cabinets in many other rooms of the house will also need attention after a time. While we do not come into your home to refinish your cabinets, we have helped many people with the sections they could remove and bring to us. We have even periodically had people remove the case work from the walls and bring those in as well! Typically though, it is the easily transportable parts that people bring in, the doors and drawers and moveable shelves. Mostly people bring them in for us to strip and for them to finish, but many understand that they will obtain a much better looking end result by having us finish the cabinets for them as well.

As with other finishing projects, cabinet finishing affords virtually limitless possibilities in terms of what can be done to achieve a specific appearance. A stained wood surface with a clear protective topcoat is the most common choice. However, stained finishes can also be glazed, toned, shaded, distressed, pore-filled, two toned, and more. A painted finish is another common finish choice. Painted finishes can also be glazed, toned, shaded, distressed, pore-filled, two toned and so on. So, if you bring your cabinets to us for finishing, bring your creative ideas along as well--and, you don't need to know what all those terms mean!

What about the case work? Most people have no need, desire or ability to remove the case work sections. There are a number of possibilities for handling them. First of all, we are happy to give you all the tips you need to have success stripping and finishing the case work . Second, the cases don't always need to exactly match the doors and drawers. An intentional contrast can actually create a very desirable appearance. Thankfully, the case work is the easiest part of the job to do and we are happy to help you with fresh ideas if you need them.

Here is a chart which presents the comparative advantages of doing cabinets yourself, hiring a contractor to come to your home, and using us.We won't say we are the best choice in every circumstance, but it sure seems like we could be the best choice in many! If you think we might be a good choice for you, please give us a call.





Slowest. For most people this is a real big, time consuming project.

This is the fastest option. Painting contractors can typically have an entire kitchen done in a week.

We need two to three weeks to process a typical cabinet refinishing job. For strip only work, a week or less.


Least expensive, but beware of the hidden costs of inexperience and mistakes.

Most expensive because they come to the home and have special insurance requirements.

Moderate expense. You pay us to do the work but we do it in our shop while you do the transporting.

Quality of Finish

Whatever you find at the local paint, hardware or home improvement store.

Most painting contractors use paint or a solvent based clear coat. Good but not best.

Top quality high performance water based finish as a clear coat or a top coat over paint.

Creative Options

For the right person this can be a great creative outlet. Most people find that using a specialist opens up more possibilities.

Some painting contractors are artists and can offer creative options. Most can offer a great job but only on a basic finish.

We are artists and can execute whatever you can envision or help you by suggesting new creative options.



Usually very limited.

Ten year pro-rated against any failure of the finish itself.


The three photos below illustrate work we did on a free standing wall cabinet brought to us. The first photo to the left is the way it looked when it came in (photo taken from the back for some strange reason). The second is stripped and primed. The photo below, of course, is job completed!

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