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Detail Of Table Pedestal

Restoring Decorative Elements

Successful completion of restoration projects requires the careful application of numerous skills. Troubleshooting is often the first of these skills--what exactly is the problem? Missing parts must sometimes be imagined and created--another skill set. The different things we do to color wood require specific unique skills. What we want to do in this section of the website is highlight three specific skills, each of which is highly demanding, each of which must be done with the eye of an artist but with the precision of a technician, at least one of which is usually involved in restoration projects.


Taking a block of wood and creating a leaf or a reed or any other shape that might be found on a piece of furniture. Although not strictly carving, we also include on this page the creation of parts with routed patterns.


Taking a block of wood and turning it on a lathe to create something like a spindle for a chair leg or a finial for a bed post.


Taking a thin sheet of wood and attaching it to another surface, often to create a geometric pattern accentuating the pattern of the wood grain or the design of the item of furniture.

For more information about each of these services, visit the pages accessed either from the navigation bar above, or from the photo links to the right.

Eastlake Crest Detail


Delicate Spindle Detail


Hexagonal Matched Veneer Detail


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