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Restoring Finishes

Not every old piece of furniture needs to have its finish removed to look its best!

Many people believe that once a finish is a bit worn or dirty or has sustained some damage, its finish must be removed and a new finish applied to get it to the place where it looks good again. We have successfully saved many old finishes and given them renewed beauty and many more years of useful life.

To the right you can see examples of three tables which all came in with very badly damaged finishes. Without stripping those original finishes off, we were able to make each table look beautiful again with its original finish still in place. The pictures to the right as well as the links above will take you to pages where we discuss restoring these types of finishes in more detail. Follow this link to view a brief video about refurbishing an old finish.

For those of you interested in this sort of thing, we have provided some information about how certain government regulations impact the work of finish restoration.

You may wonder why we haven't included a link to information about restoring waxed finishes or painted surfaces. Wax is rarely used as a stand alone finish and when it has been, it can simply be renewed by cleaning and re-waxing. Most often however, wax is used as a top dressing over other finishes. Consequently, we will comment on the use of wax in conjunction with the other finishes. Painted surfaces that are aged or worn can sometimes be restored as well, depending on the extent of the wear or damage, but there is less call for that service and less of a likelihood that the service can actually be rendered. If you have a painted piece and you would like to find out whether it can be restored, please bring it in and let us assess the possibilities with you.

Below is a chart contrasting finish restoration and refinishing. If we haven't answered your questions, please contact us.

Finish Restoration vs. Refinishing

Finish restoration is the work of saving and preserving an old finish. Refinishing is the work of removing an existing finish and applying a new finish. What are the pros and cons of each?

Finish Restoration


An old finish that is fundamentally sound can be preserved. The unique character and mellowed appearance of the old finish will not be lost. If there is any monetary value in the original finish, that value also would be preserved.

An old finish that is badly worn, chipping or otherwise no longer serviceable can be removed and a new finish applied which will extend the life of the piece and offer a clean, fresh appearance.

Nicks, scratches, some discolorations may still be visible, but refurbishing makes those markings less prominent and more a feature than an eyesore.

Almost all nicks, scratches and discolorations will be eliminated with refinishing. Some of the deepest nicks or scratches may still remain as reminders of years of useful service.

Refurbishing retains the color and features of the original.

Refinishing allows the choice of a new color, sheen or varied shadings.

Refurbishing costs less, leaving you a few extra dollars with which to buy your sweetheart chocolates.

We offer a prorated ten year guarantee on our refinishing work, leaving you fewer dollars, perhaps, but greater peace of mind.

Refurbished Shellac Finish


Refurbished Oil Finish


Refurbished Lacquer Finish


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