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Detail Of Table Pedestal

Gallery Of Miscellaneous Beautiful Or Interesting Pieces

We have assembled here a variety of furniture items we want to show off that didn't fit elsewhere. Like the waterfall style dining table we begin with, it isn't particularly unusual, but we really liked the color pattern the customer chose and think it might inspire emulation. We hope you also will enjoy this page of miscellany!

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Just recoloring the table gave it an updated look, adding the contrasting colors at the corners makes the table much more interesting. The table had evidence of much use, as can be seen to the right. All of that was gone by the time we were done. The table also has three leaves which we don't show here.


This was a contemporary piece used in an office setting. It had been banged up a bit. We did some touch up. used a slightly darker color of toner to accentuate the border and legs, then applied a clear top coat over all.


These massive doors are bigger than this photo reveals, they are approximately ten feet tall at their peak. They were originally entry doors which someone reclaimed and intended to use as doors to their Master Suite. We toned and recoated these. The contractor doing the remodel also had the framing pieces for these doors made by a local mill. We stained and finished those to match. Imagine the bedroom behind these doors. It could not be dinky or dull. These make such a statement, you would need to find a way to complement that in the room.

This is a classic 1800 vintage corner chair which has become a standard trophy project for aspiring woodworkers. The replicas are rarely as delicate and refined as this original. One leg was loose and the finish was showing its age. We glued the one leg and applied a coat of ruby colored shellac over all.


How would this look in your nursery? This is a late nineteenth century infant size crib made from walnut. Amazingly ornate and decorative for a being who will exhibit no appreciation for it. But it isn't about what the baby appreciates, is it? It is how much we value the baby.

We did very little to this bed, minor repairs only.

This is, appropriately, called a "Throne Chair." You would need some wealth to afford one of these chairs, but you needn't be royalty to possess one. Two fauns rest at each side,. They can't be there as guards, they would frighten no one. They must be as advisors. What would a faun advise? My guess is that they woud advise some entertainment. The seat will later be padded and upholstered. There needs to be some comfort for you get none resting your back on those carved surfaces!


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This had once been a full size dining table but was cut down to coffee table height. Everything about it is attractive, even at its reduced height. The great loss that resulted from the shortening was the hiding of the beautiful flame mahogany of the pedestal. We refinished the top.


This project came from a museum nearby. We were told it could still work. We did nothing to the inside but protect it as we worked on the exterior surfaces. We removed the paint and refinished the exterior with the warm and rich tone you see. The oak grain looks beautiful. The disappointment we have in presenting the end result to you is that we failed to get a photo after we had cleaned, waxed and polished the bells, speaker and voice box. It looked very nice.



We love drama in wood grains. These two very different pieces both have a lot of beautiful drama in their grain patterns. The little bench to the left features a beautiful bird's eye maple seat finished with shellac. The dining table and credenza both have mahogany tops, but the flame patten on the dining table is fabulous. It looks like a red bengal tiger! The two below are finished with a water based finish.


This is a beautiful mahogany dining table top. The arrangement of the veneer on the top is quite appealing. Above you can see us applying the finishing coats. We love beautiful things and daily we get to create works of beauty in endless variety. And we get paid to do it. What a life!

Quite dissimilar to many of the pieces we have featured in this gallery, this is a fairly plain piece of functional pine furniture. It is a kitchen cabinet, a very widely used item in the second quarter of the twentieth century. What you see here is a simple natural stain with a satin finish. Love the variety.


Our final offering will be this simple sign made by a home owner to welcome guests to his home. We applied the black to the letters and stained and toned the wood. In his spirit of hospitality we say thank you for joining us as we have taken a walk along memory lane enjoying some of our projects from the past.


Now that you have seen what we have done for others, what can we do for you? CONTACTING AND FINDING US


Sometimes we find beauty in simplicity. This is probably an early twentieth century table, though tables like this were made in the nineteenth century and well into the twentieth. Simplicity of design is often more enduring than high fashion which tends to have a shorter life span. The oak wood and the warm colored finish are appealing. The space saving design isn't as important in modern homes, but many of us live in homes from the era where saving space was important. For us, the space saving design and the simplicity are beautiful.

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