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Bedroom Sets

For a room we spend most of our time in, not looking at the furniture at all, in fact with our eyes sealed shut, it is quite remarkable that we can be so concerned with how the furniture looks. Yet for the relatively small quantity of time we see its contents clearly, we do want what greets our eyes to please our eyes. When people are not pleased with what they see when their eyes are open, our shop is often a destination for the furniture that is unpleasing. We specialize in reviving the liveliness and attractiveness of the less exciting objects that rest in that room. Here is a sampler of some of the work we have done to make the bedroom a more desirable and stimulating place to be. Not to mean you cannot think of much more interesting reasons to spend time in that room! We do what we can to help you create the right environment for those reasons to be enjoyed without distraction.

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Waterfall Makeover

The era between the two World Wars saw several furniture styles compete for prominence. One of those was the waterfall style, characterized by the rounded top front edge. In addition to this unmistakable feature, this style also included wild geometric arrangements of exotic veneers to create faces with many interesting lines, angles and boldly flaring patterns. But fashions change. What is new and exciting now is typically old and boring to the next generation. The expressive waterfall style is covered up by the painted and antiqued monochromaticity of the next generation's new look. That new look also became old and it's next generation owners decided to remove the no longer fashionable paint to discover what might lie underneath. That is the story behind this waterfall makeover. Here is the discovery and what we were able to do for this grandchild owner.


Hard to believe it's the same piece of furniture. It is.


This customer chose a natural finish once they saw what was underneath the paint. What they didn't expect was the interesting flashing phenomenon that is most visible when no additional color is added to the natural wood. We've actually had people complain about this!


As pretty as the wood looks unfinished, there is still so much that isn't seen until the finish is applied.

This is the only piece in this set that by itself isn't very interesting. Good thing it has friends!

So, who was right? Was it the parents who originally purchased this set two generations ago? Was it their children who painted over the old fashioned wood? Or was it the grand children who decided to see what was hiding under the paint? We have helped people with each of those steps so we won't cast a vote!

See the two diamonds on the lower drawers of the vanity? Guess what happens to them when you view them from another angle. Flashing!


This is a version of the American Colonial style of furniture that has gone in and out of style for the past few hundred years. This is a set constructed out of maple and stained in a fairly typical color for that style. We don't have any before or progress photos to show on this one. It is nice to do an entire bedroom all at once. Everything looks new again.


Now that you have seen what we have done for others, what can we do for you? CONTACTING AND FINDING US





Now that you have seen what we have done for others, what can we do for you? CONTACTING AND FINDING US


Furniture made with bird's eye maple veneer faces was popular around 1900. By the time it comes to us it is typically painted or refinished. This set had been refinished at some point because it had a lacquer finish, not a shellac or varnish finish which would have been original.

In addition to needing a new finish, this pair needed quite a bit of regluing as well as new veneer on the sides of both pieces. The bird's eye maple is a dramatic pattern and can be purchased in heavy, medium or light eye. The new veneer we attached is heavy eye.

These three sets were refinished in the pre-digital era and these photos do not show the beauty the eye was able to see. They all appear fairly simple in design. We offer them not to display either a great design or our accomplishments, so much as to give one more idea of the variety of types of sets that can be worked on as well coloring options that can be accommodated.

Never hesitate to inquire whether your set is worth doing or can be done. There will almost certainly be something that can be done with your set to improve its appearance and once we have offered you pricing information you will have a better idea whether it is worth it to you to invest in your furniture.


This set came in with superficial damage like you see in the photo below left. It didn't need refinishing or even overall refurbishing, but every piece had numerous areas like you see below. The set looked beat up and in need of first aid. We provided it. You see the same post after our work and the number of pieces in this set we ran through our furniture first aid clinic.

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