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Detail Of Table Pedestal

Dining Room Sets

Coordinated decorating schemes for dining rooms have long been a hallmark of contemporary decorating. Even those of us who enjoy what we call an "eclectic" decorating style will still coordinate those pieces to somehow work together to create an appealing look in a room. While it is quite easy to find matching sets of new furniture, and an enjoyable challenge to put together a room with pieces from different eras and different styles that nevertheless work well together, it is a rare opportunity to fill a room with a complete set of matching furniture more than a couple generations older than you are. Every so often one of those rare sets comes into our shop and we have the opportunity to restore them to a sound and visibly appealing readiness to serve the needs of the next generation. We feature a few such sets on this page.

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Now that you have seen what we have done for others, what can we do for you? CONTACTING AND FINDING US




Proportion, imagination, color, appropriateness, utility. There are many features we intuitively consider in deciding whether we like a piece of furniture. Another step in our more conscious and intentional thinking is deciding whether something we like is something we would want for ourselves.

Whatever the answer to the second decision, this set has great appeal in the way in which the design, color and elegance all work together to create a unique and desirable appearance.

We did not choose or attach the upholstered seats but think that the color and line of the fabric work exceptionally well with this set.

This is how one corner of the table and the top of a leg appeared when the set came in: faded color, marring, a cracked top edge. Not so bad it needed to be stripped, but a challenging project to restore.

Our first step was to restore the background colors of the painted sections. This was detailed, slow work, and that after much thought given to how the colors were developed.

We could discern a metallic glimmer in all the floral decorations. Above we have added a thin gold over the leaves and a highlighting glaze to all the backgrounds.

Other than the photo above, the "after" photos don't reveal the effect of the layer of gold applied to the floral details. They did shine from the right angles as can be seen on the knee of the sideboard above. Details make a difference!

We have to keep some secrets or you will all go out and replicate what we can do and we won't have any business! The final step we took to get to the appearance of the details surrounding this text is our secret, but we think it worked quite well. It definitely captured and renewed the original appearance. Not only were we happy with the result, our customer was elated.

One additional thing this illustrates is how much can sometimes be accomplished without stripping and starting over with a new finish. Lots of options in this business.

DUX was not the only maker of Danish Modern furniture but it was a highly regarded brand. The maker's mark added to the table extension slides adds significant value to this table.

As much positive as we want to say about Danish Modern furniture, without exception, the pieces we have seen come through are not made with solid teak tops. The tops have teak veneer and solid teak edge trim, but underneath are solid–low density particle board, a disaster if water gets to it. Enjoy, but treat with care.

These photos are pre-digital and have faded somewhat, but we think you can still see the features that so appealed to us. The table top originally featured the two toned coloring we reproduced. We enjoy recreating the intreating effects of a bygone era and are pleased to do so when our customers also appreciate such features.


Now that you have seen what we have done for others, what can we do for you? CONTACTING AND FINDING US

We don't think the server and sideboard above were originally designed to go with the table below, so they technically don't fit into our theme of sets, but since they came from the same customer we are bending our own rules a litte. We think they are beautiful.

The contrasting "railroad" edge is an expensive and fine detail.The veneer in the center is different, but we also had to stain them differently. That was not easy.


In contrast to the set above, this is quite simple both in design and finish. The set is constructed out of Maple. As can be seen in the photo to the left, unfinished maple is very pale. Because of this the coloring options are broad, virtually anything can be done. This customer wanted a dark walnut appearance which was accomplished.

Maple is also a dense, hard wood. It holds up to the kind of hard use that dining sets are often put to. The drawback is that the grain pattern is not necessarily a feature. There are varieties or cuts of maple that can be quite dramatic, but plain maple is– quite plain. With a set like this, there is little visual appeal other than a fairly uniform color. Something needs to be done with the choice of upholstery for the chairs and the setting atop the table. (You just received our free decorating tips!)

What we love about our work is pleasing customers. The set above pleased our eyes much more, but key for us is that the customer who owned this maple set was just as pleased with the result as the customer who owned the set above. That makes our day.


The simple lines and features of the Danish Modern style swept the land in the early 1960s. Many sets like this one were sold at Scandinavian furniture stores. This one is unusual for the high backed chairs and the extremely long, banquet length extension of the table. Imagine the dining room required to fully extend this table to its 11' length. All six chairs that came in with this table could comfortably sit on just one side of this table, seven chairs could fit snugly. What a dinner party you could have!

The first of two tasks we accomplished with this set was the regluing of all the chairs, which after 50 years of consistent use were quite wobbly. While the simple lines are essential to the style, without stretchers between the legs, the joints at the tops of the legs take a lot of stress and inevitably weaken.

The second task was to renew the finish. It didn't need stripping, we cleaned, renewed the color and applied several fresh coats of a satin water based finish.

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