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Furniture Refinishing Sampler: Desks And Desk Chairs

On these pages we display items from one category of furniture per page as a sampler of the furniture refinishing work we have done. The goal is still to offer a sense of the variety of the furniture refinishing projects that can be done and some of the options and outcomes which might not be expected. We very often have customers come in who are surprised by how much can be done beyond the most basic coloring and coating work. Indeed, sometimes the simple is the best, but often, part of the visual delight of furniture is the interaction of the design of the finish with the design of the physical form of the piece. On another page we have given a lot of information about options in finishing, on these pages we want to illustrate many of those options for you.

Enjoy the show!



We refinished this kidney shaped desk and attached the new green leather top.


Top: The old finish has been removed, repairs done, top masked off in anticipation of a new leather top being applied.

Below: The new finish has been applied, highlighting completed in the top decorative element, and in the photo to the right, the new black leather top has been attached.

A fairly common style of mahogany secretary desk from the 1930-40s.


A golden oak finish was used on this beautiful drop front bureau desk built from quarter sawn oak.

Desk And Office Chairs


Now that you have seen what we have done for others, what can we do for you? CONTACTING AND FINDING US


Three illustrations of desk chairs: swivel rocking; upholstered seat, back and arms; and all wood.

Three different looks, a somewhat glossy maple finish, a satiny dark warm brown, and a satiny golden oak.

Many people, after viewing this website, wonder if we only work on fine furniture and valuable antiques. No, we work on whatever our customers bring us that they value enough to have renewed. This customer really liked the way this chair felt when sitting at a desk all day. Even though not a highly valuable piece on its own, that value of comfort made it worth while to invest money into its renewal. One other point is worth mentioning. Almost all of this chair subsequently was upholstered, basically only the legs and arm posts remained exposed. Nevertheless, we sealed all the wood so all of it would be equally protected. Details matter to us!


This desk has some of the most dramatic stripping we have seen on a desk top. It is a shame that most of the time it will be used it will be covered by papers.


This drop front mahogany bureau desk dates from the 1930-40s.

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