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Detail Of Table Pedestal

What Is Furniture Refinishing?

Furniture refinishing is the work of preparing for and applying a new protective coating to an item of furniture which has already had its previous finish removed. For a wood tone finish, the basic steps in this process typically include sanding, staining, sealing and applying layers of a protective coating. For decorative finishes, under which heading we include any finish which emphasizes the beauty of the finish in contrast to the beauty of the natural wood grain, the process can vary widely.

We are skilled at finishing a wide range of items. We have finished very fine items of furniture such as the 1920s era dining table shown to the upper right, as well as more commonplace items such as the table shown below right. We also refinish doors, kitchen cabinets and other household woodwork as well as outdoor furniture, classic auto woodwork and any other wood items needing a fine wood finish. Our goal with each item we finish, is to create a finish which delights the eye yet will sustain regular use.

We understand that a picture is often worth a thousand words. So, although we do offer explanatory information concerning furniture refinishing on the pages accessed by the links above, we have done our best to illustrate that information with lots of pictures!

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Mahogany bedroom set
Duncan Phyfe dining set
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