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Furniture Refinishing Sampler: Children's Furniture

On these pages we display items from one category of furniture per page as a sampler of the furniture refinishing work we have done. The goal is still to offer a sense of the variety of the furniture refinishing projects that can be done and some of the options and outcomes which might not be expected. We very often have customers come in who are surprised by how much can be done beyond the most basic coloring and coating work. Indeed, sometimes the simple is the best, but often, part of the visual delight of furniture is the interaction of the design of the finish with the design of the physical form of the piece. On another page we have given a lot of information about options in finishing, on these pages we want to illustrate many of those options for you.

Enjoy the show!


We stripped and refinished a whole set of these storage cabinets for all the kindergarten classrooms in a local school district. We featured the stripping of these cabinets in our paint removal gallery. Here you see them with a honey maple stain and a very durable satin finish.

The photos to the right show the wood grain on the tops of a couple of these. That is the right way to get children used to seeing beauty in natural wood. Our hats off to the school administrators who decided to do this.


It was not an uncommon sight, just a few years ago, to see pick up trucks loaded high with unfinished children's furniture like this, driving through neighborhoods looking for buyers. It was sold unfinished. This customer spent a few dollars to relieve the pick up driver of part of his burden. She spent much more here having us finish it for her children's out door dining (real and play).


Two very similar toddler sized rockers. Both were painted with milk paint, a common nineteenth century paint famous for its use on barns and fences. It is very durable although it has no sheen at all and also can water spot and get dirty. For that reason, we add several coats of clear finish to add protection and give a desirable sheen. Both chairs have woven seats which can be painted or left unfinished as can be seen above.


Here we offer two glimpses into our finishing operation. To the left are crib sides and to the right are parts of a cradle.

We rarely refinish cribs. Brand new cribs are sold so inexpensively that unless there are very sentimental attachments to an old crib, it is much more expensive to refinish.


The owners of this high chair originally intended to use a wood tone finish. The burned wood hidden under the paint caused an alteration in the plans for the child's high chair.



Now that you have seen what we have done for others, what can we do for you? CONTACTING AND FINDING US

As is often the case, a soon to be grandfather had this chair restored in hopes that his grandchildren will be able to sit where his children once sat. Every joint and seam needed to be taken apart and reglued. The photos below illustrate this. Above the chair shows how it looked after the old finish was removed and it was all reglued, and how it looked with the new finish applied. Ready for the next generation!

As it came to us, with the old finish removed, and with the new finish applied. Unusual color choice, but the customer liked green!

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